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Obtaining a Student Visa

The first step in obtaining student visa is to get accepted into Citizenship and Immigration Services (US CIS) approved school, college or university. Prospective students must meet the standards set by the school for admitting international students.

For example, many schools require foreign students to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as part of the application process. After you are accepted at a school, college or university, you must apply for the student visa at the American consulate in the country where you are located or request change of status in the
United States.

At this point, in addition to submitting the special documents provided to you by the school, you will also need to show your ability to pay for education and living expenses and your nonimmigrant intent.

After you have been admitted to the United States as a student, you must comply with certain immigration laws governing your stay in this country. To maintain your legal status, you must follow specific rules.

If you do not abide by these laws, USCIS will consider you “out of-status.” Therefore, always consult a licensed attorney, such as Ms. Hall, before applying for student visa, transfer of schools, extension of stay or change of status. Furthermore, you should consult an attorney before accepting any kind of employment to make sure that you will not violate your status.

Mrs. Hall’s goal is to provide the highest quality legal services in a timely fashion.

Mrs. Hall welcomes the opportunity to talk with you and to discuss how she may be of service.

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