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Removal Defense

A removal proceeding (formerly known as deportation proceeding) is an immigration court hearing to determine whether a non-citizen will be removed from the United States. Any person in the United States who is not a citizen of the United States may be removed from this country if he or she violated rules contained in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

It is also important to note that a  non-US citizen criminal defendant does not face only penal but also immigration consequences of criminal activity. These may include possible ineligibility for a visa, resident status or US citizenship, detention in an immigration
facility, and even permanent ineligibility to enter the United States ever again.

Non-citizens in proceedings have a right to a counsel at their own expense. Mrs. Hall as your attorney will assist you in finding all  the possible avenues of relief from removal for which you might be eligible including adjustment of status, waiver of inadmissibility or deportability, cancellation of removal, asylum, naturalization, and voluntary departure. Mrs. Hall will use her best efforts to make sure that you receive all possible protection under the U.S. immigration law.

Mrs. Hall’s goal is to provide the highest quality legal services to you in a timely fashion.

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